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Evenproducts Oxfam Tanks
Oxfam/Steel Tanks

Evenproducts supplies steel water tank systems to meet the well

known and much used Oxfam standard specification

Oxfam developed the design specifically for the storage and treatment of drinking water in rugged environments

The Oxfam Tank is a sectional steel, demountable tank with three main components: cylindrical rigid water tank constructed from steel sheets (curved and corrugated), EPDM liner and foldable PVC roof. The Oxfam Tanks differ from Evenproducts’ standard industrial tanks in four ways:

  1. Oxfam specify a heavyweight 1.25mm EPDM liner which is scrim reinforced;
  2. There are only 4 standard nominal tank capacities (11m3, 45m3, 70m3 and 95m3);
  3. The packaging of the three components is specified by Oxfam;
  4. Oxfam specifies tools and fittings included with the tank.

Oxfam Tanks are used by many humanitarian agencies in emergency response following a disaster, or for situations when drinking water has to be stored or treated before use. The main advantages of using Oxfam Tanks are that they are:

  1. Tried-and-tested kits,
  2. Ideal for building semi-permanent drinking water infrastructures for camps,
  3. Can also be used for settlement and treatment purposes,
  4. Can be joined together easily to create an integrated system.

The 45m3, 70m3 and 95m3 tanks (generally referred to as T45, T70 and T95) have the same diameter, therefore the steels are interchangeable and the roof kits are the same. The T45 is 2 steel rings high, the T70 is 3 steel rings high and the T90 is 4 steel rings high.

Field Installation

The Oxfam Tank should be set up on a raised area (higher ground or constructed platform) to allow water flow by gravity through distribution lines to tapstands or directly to jerry cans. Raised areas must be carefully constructed taking into account weight of the tank when full and ground conditions.

Standard Range

The standard Oxfam Tank range includes the following nominal capacities; 11m3, 45m3, 70m3 and 95m3. However, other sizes are available on request either using a similar design approach to the Oxfam Tank, or to an alternative specification.

Good Quality Design and Manufacture from Evenproducts

Evenproducts is a premier manufacturer of steel water storage tanks for drinking water, agricultural and horticultural water storage. We take quality control very seriously and hold ISO9000 certification. Evenproducts’ engineers ensure that steel tanks are designed with sufficient strength to hold large capacities of cold water safely.


Evenproducts can manufacture steel tanks in a wide range of nominal capacities and dimensions, and with a wide range of fittings and hoses to suit the needs of the engineer. In addition, these standard Evenproducts’ options are available:

  • Connection Kit comprising 6m PVC suction hose with Guillemin-type coupling with locking ring fixed with hose bands at each end, combination spanner and Guillemin-type wrench.
  • Installation Tool Kit comprising pickaxe, shovel, wrench, barrier tape, rope, spirit level, Guillemin-type couplings one with locking ring and one without, PTFE tape.
  • Tapstand Kit comprising galvanised steel tapstand (3-tap or 6-tap available) installed with Evenflow Water Saver Valves (taps) and 2″ Guillemin-type coupling.

Evenproducts Oxfam Water Storage Tank

Evenproducts Oxfam Water Storage Tank

Evenproducts Oxfam Water Storage Tank

Evenproducts Oxfam Tanks

Liner being made for an Oxfam Water Storage Tank

Steels ready for shipping

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