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Evenproducts' tapstands facilitate the delivery of drinking

water to communities without drinking water

Evenproducts’ tapstands facilitate the delivery of drinking water from a water storage tank to communities which are temporarily without drinking water.

They have been designed to withstand the vigorous use that can be expected at an emergency drinking water distribution point. Standard Evenproducts’ tapstands are supplied with a 2-inch Guillemin-type coupling at the base of the riser, to which a delivery hose can be connected (see Connection Kit).

The main advantages of using an Evenproducts’ tapstand are that they are easy to assemble and a strong, proven construction. Evenproducts’ tapstands are also compact to store; ready to deploy in an emergency.

Field Installation

The tapstand should be set up allowing for sufficient head of water from the supply tank to provide enough water pressure to deliver the water through the taps, if a gravity feed is being used.

If the tapstand is located adjacent to the water supply tank then 1.5 metres should be sufficient. Usually, it is best to site the tapstand on lower ground or raise the water supply tank up if possible.

Standard Range

Evenproducts offers two different tapstand sizes. The smaller has three Evenflow Water Saver Valves and is generally used with the 1500 litre Evenproducts’ pillow tank. The larger has six Evenflow Water Saver Valves and is used with both Evenproducts pillow tanks, Evenproducts‚Äô steel tanks and Oxfam Tanks. For larger tanks, a number of tapstands can be used, installed in series or in parallel.

Evenflow Water Saver Valve Output
  • 12 l/m at 0.5m head
  • 14.61 l/m at 1m head
  • 41.3 l/m at 8m head
Good Quality Design and Manufacture

Fabricated in sturdy galvanised steel, the top manifold is welded, the riser, legs, extension tubes and taps are assembled on site by screwed joints into the top manifold.

Components are hot dipped galvanised internally and externally to BS EN ISO 1461:2009. All threading is carried out after the galvanising process using food grade cutting oil.

Each tapstand is supplied with Evenflow Water Saver Valves, which are self-closing taps design specifically for use at low water pressures. Self-closing taps which rely upon the water pressure to keep them closed can drip at low pressures wasting water and causing a muddy slip hazard in the tapstand area.

Evenflow Water Saver Valve
  • Discharge spout with hose barb
  • Large internal passage to avoid blockages by small stones
  • All materials food grade
  • The main body is light, strong and stainless
  • Reliable spring assisted closing
  • Low maintenance
  • 3/4″ BSP F connection
  • Weight: 171 grams
  • Length 80mm, discharge off-take to tap body 75mm

Tapstands can be supplied alternative fittings to connect to distribution hoses. A range of valves, fittings and hoses are available, including these standard Evenproducts’ options:

  • Connection Kit comprising 6m PVC suction hose with Guillemin-type coupling with locking ring fixed with hose bands at each end, combination spanner and Guillemin-type wrench.
  • Installation Tool Kit comprising pickaxe, shovel, wrench, barrier tape, rope, spirit level, Guillemin-type couplings one with locking ring and one without, boss green and hemp.
  • Pillow Tank, capacities 1500 litres, 5000 litres, 10000 litres and 20000 litres.
  • Steel Tank, a wide range of capacities and fittings available.
  • Oxfam Tank, capacities 11000 litres, 45000 litres, 70000 litres and 95000 litres.

Evenproducts Tapstands

Evenproducts Tapstand with Tool Kit

Evenproducts Tap

Oxfam Tapstands

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