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The majority of UK horticulture

business have our steel tanks

Evenproducts has its roots in supplying the horticulture businesses around our base in the Vale of Evesham, from which our client base spread to encompass horticulture businesses across the UK, then into other markets.

It remains our greatest focus of expertise and the one in which we are most authoritative.

  • Robust for exposed areas
  • Large volumes
  • Liners resilient to fertilizers and chemicals
  • Steel lids for security, Health & Safety
  • Kit format so Farmers can build their own tanks
  • Tanks able to link together providing mass water storage
  • Irrigation in HORT can vary from small volume systems to large open field crop irrigation
  • Storage from boreholes, rivers. lakes, water harvesting
  • Temporary storage
  • Galvanised for extended life expectancy
  • Powder coated to suit environment
For more information on how to use our steel water tanks and distribution systems to boost the profitability of your horticulture business, please call us on +44 (0)1386 769950.

Evenproducts Horticulture Water Storage Tanks

Evenproducts Horticulture Water Storage Tank

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