Water Attenuation Tanks

As part of a strategic water management strategy steel water tanks can be used to attenuate i.e control water.

Water attenuation systems are designed to control water delivered as part of an extreme rainfall event; the control comes in the form of collecting the water from the ground or built structures and releasing it back into the local water course or drainage system in a controlled way.

Attenuating the water can assist with and even prevent erosion, flooding and damage.

Evenproducts galvanised steel tanks have been used in new commercial developments where professional attenuation was a requirement of the local planning approval, the tanks can be sited to collect water from large built structures and by using valve technology the attenuated water is then fed back into the local environment at a reduced rate of flow.

Evenproducts’ water attenuation tanks can be tall and narrow, wide and low and can be designed to fit in with new commercial developments, call us for the latest in galvanised steel tank technologies.

Save Money and Prevent Erosion with Water Attenuation Tanks

Helps to prevent erosion and damage by water

Water attenuation is looked upon favourably by planning authorities

The water can be used thereby saving money

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